Up for a night of laughs and the chance to be present during a BBC recording? Well get yourself some free tickets for The Stand Comedy Club!

Comedian Mark Nelson will be leading the night which will consist of a mixed panel of comedians and personalities. These individuals will be attempting to judge the good from the bad. Audience members should expect a rib-tickling night of good and bad, but mostly unexpected laughs.

The Stand BBC Free Tickets

You couldn’t pick a better venue for such an event than The Stand, as it is well known in and out of the city. It is regarded as  the place to go with your friends when you need a break and want a fun night. After all, laughter really is the best medicine.

To bag yourself one of these free tickets you need to be 18 or over. You must call 0131 558 7272 to book yourself and other comedy fans a spot. Doors open at 4:30pm and the event will run until 7pm Sunday the 10th.

The Stand BBC Free Tickets

The stand is always busy, it is normally a challenge to find tickets. The comedy club is so popular in Glasgow, it is now part of the city’s cultural heritage. Everyone should go at least once!

The whole show will be recorded for broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland, so it’s a cool way to spend your Sunday evening. You get to have a laugh and tick ‘being recorded for radio’ off your bucket list. Why not take a friend along or even your hot date that you have yet to make solid plans with? This will be sure to knock their socks off.


333 Woodlands Rd


G3 6NG