Before it became known as Britain’s most ‘hipster’ place to live, Finnieston was known as the section of Argyle Street that connected the West End and the City Centre. It’s fair to say it wasn’t a highly sought after area. The most popular near by attractions were the SECC and Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

If you were looking for a good night out, you would head to Ashton Lane or the Merchant City, however, they now have big competition. Thanks to the stylish restaurants, bars and coffee shops that have opened over the past five years, Finnieston has become a newly ‘upmarket’ part of Glasgow.

IMAGE: Old Glasgow

Even the property has gone up in value since the rejuvenation of the area. It’s now packed with a huge amount of culture, music, art and fashion Finnieston already had established venues, such as The Ben Nevis and Lebowskis, which have been popular for many years.

IMAGE: Old Glasgow

And now Finnieston is also home to some of Glasgow’s top restaurants. With the likes of The Ox and Finch, Porter and Rye, The Gannet and much more, all opening within a short space of time, this added a new exciting atmosphere to the area and brought along new custom with it.

IMAGE: The Scotsman

As well as the many food and drink led businesses, Finnieston saw a huge influx to the area when The Hydro opened its doors in 2013. Since then it’s brought big names and events to Glasgow and in 2015 was named the World Busiest Live Entertainment Arena.


Now a well-established area, it is being likened to the trendier parts of London and is definitely giving the West End a run for its money! Along with all the stylish eateries, bars and coffee shops, Finnieston has a sense of community now. The barbers, the hairdressers, the laundrette -who run live music streams and DJ nights – all add to the local neighbourhood that has been created here.


Whether you’re having a drink before going to the Hydro or you’re looking for lunch after hitting the gym, Finnieston has it all. With more and more residents living in the area, Tesco metros and Sainsbury’s locals have been added to the hustle and bustle of this part of town. And many events at the local SW3G’s Galvanizers Yard take place on the weekends, creating more buzz in the district.


Finnieston has transformed itself over the past few years and is now a destination hotspot for a lot of people in the Glasgow area – a place to see and be seen. With its active daytime trade and lively nightlife, it’s a great place to spend some time in. Will it continue for another 5 years or will the hype fade away? Only time will tell. Until then, we’ll make the most of it!


***Words By Claire Mac***