This is an important play about Post-traumatic stress disorder in an era when young men get sent out as cannon fodder at the whim of politicians.

Tom Page totally owns this but confesses:

“I have killed more people than Jack the ripper.”

Back on civvie street, he tries to navigate the world of parents who are splitting up, friends who follow football:

“These guys wouldn’t last two months in basic.”

He watches TV, Jeremy Kyle and his reaction is: “Refugees from the planet knob head.”

The writing from Tim Marriott an actor play write is strong, on the ball.

In Afghanistan or Iraq, they are all sitting targets.Tom Page is a Londoner but plays a blinder with his Manchunian accent.

“I think I’m going soft. I watched Love Actually.”

When he takes the Queen’s shilling he proclaims: “You are off to a country that no-one has heard about, or gives a shit about.”

On a trip to Ikea with his girlfriend, he says: “You spend hours following the arrows. You buy shit you don’t need.”

The ending is somewhat traumatic but it does turn around, thankfully. The writing is superb as the acting. Nightly at “Sweet” the Apex on the Grassmarket 8 pm until the 27th.