A play which ran daily at the Pleasance Courtyard Four -From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads, a show which centres around a troubled teenager with a David Bowie obsession. This cult hit tells the tale of a young David Bowie fanatic trying to work through his angst via his hero’s music.

Be warned the subject matter is dark. Martin is a self-harmer who also has eating disorders. He sees various therapists and tries to make sense of a messy childhood a neurotic mother and an absent father.

He reads Burroughs, and Baudelaire, and constantly name checks Bowie and his albums.

A sheer backdrop on the small stage flashes Bowie album covers. Martin who doesn’t own a phone or a computer is almost a throwback from a different era. He loves that Bowie is glamorous, mysterious and androgynous.

Alex Walton inhabits the role well and mimics other voices and has a range of different accents. Its physical theatre too and there is a lot of movement as Walton mimics a much younger guy.

The venue is fairly central around this year’s Bristo Square hub. However, some of Bowie’s own peer group – folks over 60, struggled with the multiple flights of stairs.

An offstage announcement from an MC sounds just like Bowie. Strangely, the prelude to the show is Frank Sinatra singing My Way. Why, when there is such a back catalogue of Bowie.

I would have preferred a thumping rendition of Heroes or any of the Starman’s more accessible tunes and the show does cheer up slightly but I would say it’s for purists as the darkness of the young protagonist’s life tends to weigh it down.