This past week or so we have been blessed with temperatures that wouldn’t look out of place in Spain! However, Glasgow couldn’t be further away from civilised al fresco tapas and salsa dancing but more along the lines of a chippy and a bottle of Mad Dog!

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WEATHER (see what we did there with the spelling ;)) it is a Monday afternoon or prime time on a Saturday, when that big ball of flames in the sky shows itself over Glasgow there’s a whole host of sights that come on show. Some cracking(literally) and some not so good but here at Glasgow Living we have compiled a few things that won’t be new in the eyes of a true Weegie!


Now for a climate that isn’t used to the sun, Glasgow has no shortage of inviting beer gardens across the city centre and surrounding areas. Regardless of the time of day, when Glasgow gets a bit of sun there’s only one thing on most people’s mind and that’s BEER GARDEN! Across Glasgow when we get a bit of sunshine these places are full to the gunnels with people wanting to lap up the weather while drinking some cold alcoholic beverages at the same time.



Now before anyone wants to stop reading because we are having a pop at the ‘Strawberry blonde’ race, we aren’t. We are actually here in support to raise the awareness of how much the sun affects you guys!! At least one ginger almost comes hand in hand among every group of mates in Scotland, there’s just no shying away from it. So when the sun comes out, the factor 50 comes out. However, it’s an absolute certainty that a few will forget to put their sun cream on or think they are alright without it. Wrong. So this is a plea to all our ginger friends, please wear your sunscreen, Chapstick, sunglasses and whatever else will protect you, because no one wants a tomato face with peely skin!


Rigger boots? Check ✅
Tribal tattoo? Check ✅
Hi, vis vest? ✅
Topless? ✅

Now, this is an absolute given when driving through Glasgow on a warm day. May it be brickies, labourers or road workers, you are certainly going to come across a few workies with their taps aff and high vis on. Don’t forget the classic glass bottle of Irn Bru to go with it! These type of lads are a credit to Glasgow and keep the spirits high through rain hail or shine! Keep up the good work boys!

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Now this one is a bit odd. You would think with the sun shining folk would want to sit out, lap up the sun and start building up their tan. Nonetheless, here in Glasgow as it’s usually baltic or pissing with rain 99% of the time, folk want a quick fix so they can look semi-acceptable when the short shorts and taps aff weather appears. Hence queues out the door of the tanning salons up and down the country!!

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This is a typical scenario that will probably relate closer to the younger generation or even bring back some memories for the older ones. Rounding up the team one by one as the temperature rises and by the end of the night there are enough people that don’t look dissimilar to a young team!! It is almost a guarantee that people of all ages will be scattered about the local parks like Glasgow Green and Bellahouston with a few refreshments! Now there’s both a positive and negative side to this option.

Cheap drink in the fact you don’t need to pay £5 for a pint (why would you when you could get 4 cans for that down the local One 0ne?). You also don’t need to wait in a queue for drink, start your next can as you please!

Now, this is a big downside and probably outweighs the positive factor. MIDGEYS. No more needs to be said on this. If you know, you know!

IMAGE: College Times

Short Shorts

Many of you might think this may apply solely to girls but the way our culture is nowadays boys often have shorter shorts than their female counterparts!! Needless to say, the hot dog legs come out both male and female. Some pretty and some not so pretty but hey, when the time comes and it’s warm enough to wear shorts, everyone should have their legs out!

IMAGE: Twitter

Anywhere For a Tan

No back or front garden to sit out in? Not a problem. Scotland has a strong legacy of creating new ideas such as Alexander Fleming with Penicillin and Alexander Graham Bell with the telephone and round the different schemes of Glasgow is no different. If you live in a block of flats you might find it a bit difficult to get a tan but don’t be fooled, where there’s a will there’s a way. Just have a lock it this boy sunning himself outside his flat window. Maybe not the safest option but at least he is making the most of the situation. Ps please do not try this if you stay in a flat!!

Glasgow truly is a beautiful city especially when the sun comes calling. What’s that saying again “People Make Glasgow”? Now that most definitely applies when the sun is shining because we are a group of people like no other and we are proud of that. So remember, Gingers keep your factor 50 at the ready, lads keep your short shorts to yourself and everyone heads to the nearest beer garden for a bevvy!!


By Joshua Kane