A Glasgow Christmas Tale of Sorrow and Hope…

Twas the night before Christmas, their house lay cold and damp, not a decoration in sight, not even a lamp.

The family lay hungry, they hadn’t a morsel of food, the thought of Christmas dinner, even that thought tasted good.

Sadly mum had problems, and dad had died, their two young kids? They just cried and cried.

Cancer they called it, cancer makes you sick, it certainly does, Dad died, oh so quick.

Chemo they said, his chances were great, I guess he was unlucky, or could we blame fate?

Christmas is closing, mum has drink in her sight, she can’t even see us, she’s gave up the fight.

There’s hope on the horizon, a Christmas miracle to be won, we can come together, and help everyone.

Christmas in Glasgow, a real time for hope, with each single gift, an act of philanthrope.

Glasgow by giving a little this Christmas, you can change a lot.

5 Charities You Can Donate To This Christmas

1. Yorkhill Little Hearts Christmas Appeal


This year, Yorkhill are raising money to purchase a state of the art cardiac scanner for the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow.

Hoping to raise £150,000 to fund the brand new cardiac scanner (the first of its kind in the UK). This state-of-the-art piece of equipment will help medical staff diagnose and treat heart conditions in thousands of children each year.

Fundraising, donating, or attending the Yorkhill Christmas Concert…Every little helps.


2. The Glasgow City Mission Christmas Appeal

Loce Changes Everything

Donating only £7 pounds will provide a Glaswegian living in poverty with a warm three course Christmas dinner this festive season. It could be the only warm meal they eat.

A little bit of love, can go a long, long, way.


3. Shelter Scotland

Share The Love

This Christmas Day there will be 820,000 people in Scotland waking up to a life of poverty, 1 in 9, in “extreme poverty” and 100,000 children in britain without a home. Shelter Scotland are asking you to donate £3 pounds, they believe the number of people in poverty is 820,000 too many.


4. Beatson Bauble Appeal

Beatson Bauble Appeal

Almost everybody, has been affected by cancer, whether it be a loved one battle it, or having to watch a close family member succumb to it. The Beatson in Glasgow is there every step of the way, showing unequivocal care and support, to everyone during their greatest hour of need.

This year why not hang a Beatson Bauble on your tree, by donating to their Beatson Bauble Appeal.


5. Gorbals Parish Church


With their aim to put a smile on every child’s face in Glasgow, The Gorbals Parish Church unveiled their annual appeal, running until Saturday, all donated toys will be given out at a Christmas party in the church, on Saturday 11am-1pm.

You can hand in brand new or good conditioned toys in Asda Toryglen, Tues 12pm to 4pm or in the Errol Garden based church, through the week, 9am-3:30pm.

You can email [email protected] to arrange a collection.

Remember, it’s not about who you donate who, it’s just the simple fact that you do.