It’s World Unique Talent Day, so we’ve pulled together some of the most uniquely talented Glaswegians (and those who live nearby), to showcase the best of Glasgow. Who’ve we missed let us know below…


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We absolutely love Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty aka ChVrches, a spectacular sound unlike almost anything else in the X Factor infected charts at the moment. More than just paying homage to 80’s synth, ChVrches are tearing across the globe with their infectious blend of pop, rock, synth, dance music.

Fantastic live and absolutely no sign of a dreaded Transatlantic “Sheena Easton” accent. (Ask your mum and dad.)

Iain Connell and Rab Florence

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The Burnistoun boys, two genuinely funny guys who just happen to be pretty damn talented at making award winning comedy shows, cutting their teeth as writers on Chewin The Fat. The two Glaswegian born comedians are responsible for creating such belter characters as “The Quality Polis”, “The Burnistoun Butcher”, “Paul and Walter, The Ice Cream Van Drivers”, “Jolly Boy John” and so, so much, manic more.

Altogether…”I’m Jolly Boy John, and this is for real.” Brilliant.

George Bowie

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Right, we know he’s from “near” Glasgow (Greenock) but “Georgie Boy”, The GBX maestro himself has been the soundtrack to every Glaswegian youngster’s adolescence since Adam and Eve fired him up on the first Saturday night in the Garden of Eden. Be honest, everybody from the age of 60 backwards still pumps on Clyde 1 before the “big Saturday night out”.

It would be impossible to calculate how many teenage pregnancies his remix of Discoland has produced during his tenure.

The Mad Chef

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Bloc’s legendary Mad Chef. Basically Glasgow’s version of Heston Blumenthal, responsible for claiming back Buckfast as more than just liquid jail time. Thanks to his Buckfast ice cream. The Mad Chef also created the best pork dish ever in Irn Bru pulled pork. Danny McLaren is a true Glaswegian maverick.

Lorraine Kelly

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Lorraine “her aff the telly” Kelly, originally from East Kilbride, which is basically Glasgow if you get on the wrong bus. Easing us through midweek hangovers since 1988. An absolute brilliant career that has seen her reach the top of the morning television tree and remained there.

If anybody has anything mean to say about her, they are immediately banished from Glasgow and any surrounding areas. The kind of voice that you enjoy waking up to.

Andy Murray

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Right before you start shouting and waving your hands like the guy in the pub who nobody listens to, Andy Murray was born in Glasgow, therefore he is a Glaswegian. Argument over.

Where to begin? No.1 tennis player in the world, double Wimbledon winner (suck it up Tim Henman), 44 career titles, Davis Cup winner and probably the only person in the world who managed to prise a smile from Ivan Lendl’s face.

He’s also angry, moody, dour-faced (especially when he’s winning) an absolute tank who could almost certainly take you in a fight and his maw is also terrifying. Now tell us that doesn’t sound like someone from Glasgow.

James McAvoy

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Hollywood hero, A-list actor, Golden Globe nominated and Young Charles “X-Men” Xavier. All done whilst managing to hold onto his Glaswegian accent (looking at you Gerard Butler), James McAvoy, born and raised in Drumchapel, is like the mate who was “brand new” to everybody and you really don’t mind that he’s doing well.

Almost certainly would get the first round of tequila in the pub. We’ll not beat about the bush James, Glasgow is proud of you.

Lisa Donati

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A Glasgow girl born and bred, Lisa Donati is responsible for putting the patois in Glasgow patter. Setting up her own design company in 2011. Selling contemporary T-Shirts, Magnets, Cufflinks and pretty much everything else you could print a little bit of patter on. Lisa is a Glaswegian girl going places.

Brian Sweeney

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One of the world’s premier photographers. Brian Sweeney, with a career spanning two decades Brian has photographed pretty much every famous person you can think of. Idris Elba…check. Natalie Portman…check. The Libertines…check. You get the point. He’s photographed stills for huge feature films, Channel 4 etc. More importantly, Brian was one of the leading photographers for the burgeoning Acid House scene in Scotland.

Described as the photographer equivalent of legendary journalist Hunter S Thompson.

Peter Mullan

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A true Glaswegian great. The actors actor, an intensity that draws your eyes to the screen and never lets you go. Actor, Writer, Director of NEDS. Peter has worked with Steven Spielberg, starred in Shallow Grave, Trainspotting, Harry Potter, Braveheart, Hercules (with The Rock), Sunshine on Leith and the absolute classic TV mini-series The Fear (about the retired gangster who develops Alzheimer’s).

One of the finest actors Glasgow has ever produced.

Yer Wee Maw

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Aye we said it. Yer wee maw is a Glaswegian with a unique talent, for continuously putting up with your sh*** over the years, she wiped your arse, blew your nose, and cleaned your sheets without question or hesitation. Nothing quite beats a Wee Glasgow Maw. And you know if you gie her any cheek she’ll still put you over her knee and skelp your arse.

The only person a Glaswegian grows up to fear is their wee maw.

Jimmy Somerville

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Glasgow born and bred, Jimmy Somerville ran away to London at 17 to seek fame and fortune, and against all odds, actually achieved it. Sitting comfortably in the Synth Pop genre. Somerville went from squatting in someone’s loft to becoming a fully fledged pop star with Bronski Beats and following that The Communards. Enjoying success as the top selling song of 1986, with “Don’t Leave Me This Way”.

Still creating and releasing music to this day. Jimmy Somerville is certainly a unique Glaswegian talent.

John MacKay

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The Scottish journalistic superstar himself, pretty much one of the most trusted faces on Scottish television. His unmistakably soothing yet intuitive tones have enraptured Scottish news audiences for more than 20 years. A consummate professional, in his 20 years service there has never been a stitch of controversy about Mr MacKay.

In a world where every journalist craves to be the story. John upholds his journalistic integrity and stands head and shoulders above all others. Teatime news wouldn’t be the same without him. (N.B he’s also a respected author and current affairs presenter.)

Harri and Domenic

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Glasgow’s DJ superstars. Harri and Domenic have the longest running DJ residency in the world. Subculture at Sub Club. Rather than playing “old favourites” Harri and Domenic are at the forefront of the bustling Glasgow dance scene. Over the past 22+ years, the residents have hosted the cream of international House DJs and have a reputation as one of the best and most credible House nights in the world. Subculture has thrived where so many house clubs have flagged because the night has always embraced and sought out the most innovative and culturally relevant electronic music – regardless of fickle fashions or commercial pressures.

Pete Tong loves them, yer Ma and Da loves them, Radio 1 loves them and thanks to their blinding weekly residency, Sub Club is considered and respected as one of the greatest clubs in the entire world. Harri & Domenic, we salute you!

Kevin Bridges


The most quotable comedian in British comedy, the first Scottish comedian to break down comedy barriers worldwide since The Big Yin. A side-splittingly funny Glaswegian. Kevin started off doing the comedy rounds like The Stand before hitting the big time on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, his success since then has been nothing short of stratospheric.

Put it like this, his 2015 record breaking tour sold nearly 400,000 tickets alone. A genuine Scottish comedy superstar. And completely down to earth. A true Glasgow hero.

There you have it Glasgow, what are your thoughts on our list? Who’ve we missed out, have a rant below?

Notable mentions Paolo Nutini (Sorry Paolo, we would have had to include Gerard Butler as well), The Big Yin, Jerry Sadowitz oh and Wee Davey who can tan a bottle of wine in 7 seconds deserves a mention.

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