Buildings Make Glasgow II is back at Scotland Art until the 18th November.

Glasgow really is a beautiful city. It is one which is rich with culture, and that can especially be seen in its architecture and buildings. The sights of this city are truly something to celebrate. Following the success of their first Buildings Make Glasgow exhibition in the Spring, Scotland Art now have a part II for anyone who may have missed it or wishes to revisit. It is a brilliant way to celebrate Glasgow in all its glory.

Scotland Art is hosting the exhibition at their gallery for a month until the 18th of November, so you have plenty of time to pop in and have a look. It is close enough to walk from all train stations in the city, and there is on-street parking nearby too. Entry is also free at the gallery on Bath Street, which is open 7 days a week. This is a great way to spend the day if you’re on a budget and want to immerse yourself in culture. Not that Glasgow is short of such things!

Buildings make Glasgow II
There will be a beautiful array of original artwork which purely celebrates all the great Glaswegian architecture out there, featuring work from great artists. These include: Karen Cairns, Claire Kennedy, Tom Allan, Lee Craigmile, Dale Bissland and Thomas Cameron. This includes iconic structures such as tenements, museums and churches and cathedrals which are all steeped in a rich history. This is set to be a fantastically educational exhibit for those interested.

Additionally, for anyone who lives in Glasgow this would be a great way to show a visiting friend or family member some of the wonders that are out there – without getting soaked of frozen to the bone in our typical Scottish Autumn weather. You can also purchase original artwork if you fancy taking a piece of Glasgow home with you to admire forever. After all, our buildings are the foundations of our city.


193 Bath Street


G2 4HU