2014 was a year of promise, optimism, and fulfilling our potential. And by God did it live up to expectation!

Glasgow had been granted the opportunity to prove to the world that we could hold more than just a damn good piss up.

What a gallus year.

We had the Radio 1 Big Weekend, Commonwealth Games, MTV Awards, a 21 day run of the reformed Craiglang gang at the third most popular performance venue in the world, the SSE Hydro.

Still Game thankfully lived up to expectations, although lets be honest Jack and Victor could have turned up in front of the capacity crowd for 21 days and jobbied in a bucket and we would have still rolled about laughing.

It wasn’t just Glasgow, the place, that the world saw in a bright new light though, think about the atmosphere that we, the people of Glasgow, created during the Commonwealth Games.

F****** hell it was nearly sunny for the entire time the Commonwealth Games was on.

commonwealth games

3 weeks sunshine above the streets of Glasgow, during the summer? Surely that can’t be right.

The only time the sun shines in Glasgow is when you and the family are leaving for Gran Canaria, for your yearly outdoor sunbed session. (Factor 0.5? Well I do want a bit of a tan.)

So what if the Commonwealth Games cost £500 million pounds. (Whoa really?) It was a year for Glasgow to look outward to the world and showcase with pride, what was great about the Dear Green Place. Rather than look to our feet introverted and grumble about what’s wrong with the place.

Houses, roads and friendships were built during Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games, The Queen visited Glasgow, Celtic Park and even had the time to Photobomb somebody.

Thanks to Charlie Flynn. “The mailman always delivers” was born. Malcolm Tucker signed up for Doctor Who and James MacAvoy from Drumchapel stole the new X Men from Jean Luc Picard, Gandalf and Hugh “the tank” Jackman. (Whilst helping it secure £746 million pounds at the box office.)

There was sadness too, don’t forget, the Glasgow School of Art fire, George Square tragedy and Ebola gave Glasgow a visit.

One must remember however, that it’s only once bathed in darkness that we can truly appreciate the splendour of light.

Glasgow School Of Art

Oh what a year Glasgow, how strong our spirit shone. Glasgow…Bowed but never broken.

Both Old Firm managers walked away, Scotland’s national team proved once again that a team with spirit can in turn lift a nation.

Glasgow, GSOA and Duncan Campbell said, “why thank you” to the Turner Prize, seriously they may as well just host it here. Oh wait, they are…in 2015.

David and Scott Barclay from Glasgow became Scotland’s first same sex marriage. (Congratulations, lovely chaps.)

Glasgow City Chambers, rather controversially, raised the Palestinian flag.


I’m sure we’ve forgotten something? Ah yes. The Independence Referendum.

Glasgow voted yes. Which is in itself quite monumental. However, more monumental than the outcome? The total turnout.

84.59% per cent of Scotland’s voting population used their democratic privilege.

Oh what a year Glasgow. What will 2015 hold? We’re unsure about you, but the thought gives us goosebumps.

Happy New Year. See you in 2015.

So what made your year? Leave us a comment if you wish.