It’s been quite a year Glasgow, possibly the most turbulent in recent times, but you can rely on this insanely wonderful city, to come up with some of the most mental, hilarious, and downright unbelievable Glasgowisms (yeah we’re claiming it as a word). Glasgow this is your year 2016.

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1. Justin Bieber and the Glasgow Chippy


Glasgow’s Blue Lagoon chippy gained worldwide headlines in 2016, following his sold out miming act in The SSE Hydro, Justin Bieber popped into the chip shop next to Glasgow Central for a haggis supper.

Have a good look at the two girls in the CCTV image (especially the one on the left), utter astonishment.

Not to miss a marketing opportunity. You can now genuinely purchase the ‘Justin Bieber haggis special’. Look out for the Blue Lagoon flyers in and around the city centre.

2. George Bowie Dead?

A mix up between George Bowie and David Bowie
Image courtesy of Daily Record

Glasgow’s Saturday night GBX fanclub were in a complete state of mourning (for about five minutes) when they discovered that Saturday GBX legend George Bowie had sadly passed away. Turns out it was only some guy called David Bowie, who blatantly ripped off Georgie Boy’s good name.

3. Haircut Stapled to Your Heed

Twitter comment about the perils of getting your haircut
Image courtesy of Twitter @Goudie15

This absolute legendary post by Goudie15, summed up the very real, and very daunting issue every guy, aged 8-80 faces when partaking in a trip to the barbers.

4. Glow

Image courtesy of

Twitter reaction to Glow

When real Glaswegians Tweeted their opinion on Glasgow’s answer to ‘Made in Chelsea’. God help them in season two.

5. A Dangle a Day Helps You…

Ned dangling from the top of a lamppost
Image Courtesy of Twitter @Robbiesmart

What the hell is actually going on in this photo? Why is there somebody lying on the floor? How long has that guy been hanging off the lamp-post? Who is casually taking a photo of this insanity? Arguably Glasgow’s photo of the year.

6. This Job Application

Job application to become Patrick Thistle's mascot Kingsley
Image courtesy of

Job Description, psyche up the local fans, a few photo shoots here and there. Under No Circumstance Visit Any Children’s Hospitals Ever. Oh and haunt the dreams of everybody you ever meet. Where do we apply.

7. When Glasgow Uni Offered a One Day Course In Homer Simpson Philosophy

Glasgow uni offer one day course in philosophy of Homer Simpson
Image Courtesy of Worldwide.Chat

Welcome to Glasgow University, a true pantheon of learning, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities known throughout the modern world. Some of the finest and most respected minds in modern history have passed through its hallowed gates. Homer Simpson philosophy? Ah yes down the hall and next on your right.

Yup Glasgow University this year launched a one day course on the philosophy of Homer Simpson.

8. Celtic vs a German Team

A German Team
Image courtesy of Borussia Monchengladbach/ Twitter

Borussia Monchengladbach, a bit of a nightmare to spell without a quick Google search to double check. This poor bar owner, gave it his best shot and simply decided F*** it. Unfortunately the ambitious spelling attempt went viral, leading to Monchengladbach changing their Official Twitter name to ‘A German Team’, whilst also printing limited edition scarves.

At the last time of counting Borussia Monchengladbach had sold more than 2000 ‘A German Team’ scarves through their official website.

9. Killer Clowns Reaction: Glasgow vs USA

Glasgow Twitter reaction to Killer Clown craze
Image courtesy of Twitter
American inspecting assault rifle with plan to purchase
Image courtesy of Getty Images

If Glasgow dealt with terrorism by repeatedly booting the actual terrorist, whilst he was in the process of committing the act of terrorism, in the balls. What chance did some d***head in a twenty quid joke shop costume and mask stand?

10. Mulled Buckfast

Mulled Buckfast
Image courtesy of Driftwood/Facebook

Do you care for some mulled wreck the hoose juice? We’ve heard it’s just delightful. (In all fairness it genuinely tastes not too bad.) and it’s available at Driftwood on Sauchiehall Street.

Definitely better than that time you left a near full bottle sitting on your room window-ledge, in the middle of summer, and tanned it anyway.

11. Yer Da Sells Avon Mugs

Yer da' sells Avon
Image courtesy of

Ahhh Yer Da Sells Avon…

Aye ano he got employee of the month last month..

Aw right, eh tell him a said nice one…

The ‘Yer Da Sells Avon‘ Glasgow chat, has spawned a fantastic marketing campaign. With our favourite designer Lisa Donati offering a brilliant selection of mugs, and other gifts featuring the infamous slogan.

A perfect Christmas present for anyone whose ‘da’ does indeed ‘sell Avon’. All Lisa’s products are available on our brand new shop, ‘Glasgow’s Finest’ whch is a unique online store showcasing the best of Scotland’s local independent creative talent.

12. Adele Super Fan Gets Tattoo And Has A Near Meltdown on Stage

[youtube id=”Q1lH_Cd_aBQ” mode=”lazyload”]

Adele made a Glaswegian super fan’s year in 2016 after getting them up on stage at the SSE Hydro and signing their chest, with the fan promising to turn it into a tattoo. We don’t know who was more excited, Adele or the fan? Probably the fan….It was definitely the fan.