With over 55,000 fans on Facebook and 65,000 unique website visitors per month, GlasgowLiving is a highly engaged digital community keeping thousands up to date with what’s happening in Scotland’s biggest city.

At GlasgowLiving, our aim is to promote a culture which is open, interactive and unique in a real time world with the latest local news, reviews and articles. We have an inspiring team of creative experts here to ensure your business, event or project is at the cutting edge of the social media revolution.

Almost a million people are reached through GlasgowLiving’s Facebook page each month. GlasgowLiving is to Glasgow what Facebook is to the world.

Using GlasgowLiving’s platform you can generate buzz, reach untapped potential customers, and push your brand to the front of Glaswegian minds.

GlasgowLiving offers a range of online display advertising and promotional opportunities across all platforms: desktop, mobile and tablet.

Jamie Milligan
Account Manager
[email protected]